About me, the first 59.916 years

I know you’re dying to know all about me, or you wouldn’t have clicked where you did. The short answer is, I’m a dad, a husband and a network guy. The long answer is…long. It would involve all sorts of useless data, including where we live (27° 23′ N 82° 33′ W), my favorite football team (the Bucs!), baseball team (Go Rays!), and food (garlic dungeness crab and crusty bread). Anyhow, I’m not famous enough to write my autobiography, so I thought I’d just list all the jobs I’ve held in my life before I found my true calling, network design and deployment. If you don’t think that’s interesting, well, I’ll bet you’re sorry you clicked on that link. There’s a HOME button up above to get yourself out of here.

Starting at age 13:

Clueless in the 70’s
Mower of lawns, Babysitter, Dishwasher, Busboy, Cook, Christmas Tree guy, Condo landscape maintenance, Roofers helper

The Army
Tower Rat at a Nike-Herc Missile Site, Military Policeman

Seeing the 80’s through beer goggles
Security guard, Beertender, UPS Christmas delivery guy, Cabdriver, Waterproofer, Sandblaster, Galley hand on an offshore oil rig, Cook on an oil rig, Roustabout on an oil rig (2 weeks carrying 40 lb sacks up a ladder), Cook on a supply boat, retirement condo maintenance man, Masons tender (4 hours, after lunch I couldn’t lift my arms), House painter, Painting contractor

The tech boom of the 90’s been berry berry good to me
Printer and hard drive swap-out drone, POS system installer, POS Programmer and Trainer, PC support tech, Network Analyst, WAN Administrator, System Analyst, 2nd level router geek for a major Telco, System Engineer, 3rd level router jockey for, well, the same Telco, Network Consultant, gleefull participant in the Big Tech Bubble, Independant Contractor, woefull victim of the Big Tech Bubble

2001 to 2018
Network Engineer for one of the largest food and beverage companies in the world – with a name remarkably unlike my own

I’ve been a lot of places, done a lot of things and don’t regret…most of it.