Driving to work

The Bad. I drove to work today. It sucked, for reasons known to everyone that has ever driven to work. Traffic lights are a pain, drivers that block the box are pain, school zones are a pain, and it’s generally just a shitty way to start the day. Today was particularly noxious because it’s something I ceased doing on a regular basis several years ago. However, I had a few things to pick up at the office, and I wanted to get in and out early, then get back home and hide in my air conditioned castle.

The Good. I only go into my local office 5-6 times a year, and never for more than a few hours. I’m fortunate that I can (and do) work anywhere I have an Internet connection. As I recall from catechism a million years ago, the alleged difference between purgatory and hell is that in purgatory, you know the suffering will end at some point. I suffered traffic purgatory for one day, while many fellow commuters live that hell every workday of the year. Sorry dudes.